A TechPack is the report that features all the specialized plan specs for every one of your styles – tech packs are the outlines. Your dress tech packs give both of you significant things. First and foremost, you’ll save heaps of time and cash during the example cutting and test making measure; your examples will be created accurately quicker. Furthermore, industrial facilities will actually want to precisely compute your accurate statements; they will not have the option to swindle you by giving you ease figures to pull in you just to build costs later.

All legitimate tech packs should plainly give the accompanying data. This page clarifies each segment in detail.

  • Photos / Sketches of each style (front + back)
  • Names / descriptions of your desired fabrics
  • Seam-to-seam measurements for at least one size

  • Bill of Materials showing items like buttons/zippers

  • Close-ups of features like pockets or ruffles
  • Names / Pantone codes of your desired colors
  • Artworks for embroidery or printing
  • Specs for items like labels or hang tags


Here is just an template, each item will have different techpack with different specifications​