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Make your own style Clothing by Street wear Manufacture in any Polyester, Cotton texture from plant in Sialkot Pakistan in little and enormous amount on hand.

Clients Feedbacks

“Gloves have been received thank you they look great.”


Brad Battersby


“I got back & I checked all the apparels and they are all on point. Thank you very much for delivering.”



“First impression good….”


Scott Michaels

FOUNDER, Stylo Matchmakers inc

” Great feedback. I would like to go the next step. I really need you.”

Philipp Klewin



“I’m very happy to tell you the shipment arrived today! They feel extremely comfortable and look brilliant.”


“The gloves are holding up really well and the quality is very impressive.”

Bobby Olejnik


GOALKEEPER, Mansfield Town F.C.
“I just wanted to say, the gloves are fantastic. I have received a lot of feedback on the quality of the latex and comfort of the feel of the glove. Thank you very much. I will be looking to order a next batch soon.”

Ben McFarlane


“You haven’t been recommended to me where I have others who have but I am willing to give you a go because I like your professionalism and attitude so far…”

Lee Harper



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BHL Sports methodology quality confirmation techniques, expecting to recognize and forestall potential dangers on pre-creation stage. Our quality affirmation, arranging, sourcing and creation divisions working in concordance centering into limiting expense of value and create on time shipment execution, hazard free and quality items to our clients.

BHL Sports is registered streetwear Manufacturer company of sportswear, Streetwear Clothing based in Sialkot Pakistan. It’s providing a various types of fabric like Cotton, polyester, fleece, lycra, mesh, jersey and many others etc. Also the most rising name in the line of manufacturing factories of Garments in Pakistan and also known as Globally since 2015.

If your are looking for any manufacturer & supplier of your product relating any type of Apparel, Men’s wear, Winter wear, streetwear or any other type of product relating to textile, don’t need to go anywhere, You came at right place. You can get your product exactly what you want from here.

Streetwear. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Street wear is a style of casual clothing which became global in the 1990s. It grew from California surf-skate culture and New York hip hop fashion to encompass elements of sportswear, punk and Japanese street fashion. Eventually haute couture became an influence.

With full creative command over your courses of action, we help to change your musings into this current reality. We have various streetwear coats customization decisions available including particular dress surfaces, weaving, print, sublimation, fit and completing decisions like stamps and fastens. Utilizing these, we can make extraordinary garments as demonstrated by your nuances. Shrewd sourcing is utilized to guarantee the most surfaces picked thinking about your game plans, which suggests the covering, non-abrasiveness, strength and spending meets your fundamental.

On the off chance that your courses of action need assistance, we can in like way offer help to guarantee, they are creation orchestrated. As expert dress, plane coats maker for fire up Garments brands in USA, Europe, Britain and abroad, we comprehend the difficulties being resisted when beginning another business. We make the social event cycle your things as fundamental as could really be expected, leaving you to zero in on building your image.

Our deliberately arranged all things considered assembling working environments award us to offer staggeringly intense costs for absolutely custom apparel Garments. Being organized in Central Sialkot Pakistan, we can help our customers stay ahead in the quick moving universe of Garments. Offering the least requesting least aggregate in the business proposes we can offer creation answers for private undertakings, while various garments makers in the Pakistan may not associate with the necessities of new associations.

Everything of Streetwear/Garments we produce is carefully cut and sewed by hand, with each article of clothing subject to times of critical worth control to guarantee they satisfy the high guidelines of our clients.

We at BHL Sports offer many intertwining brand approaches. To improve our road wear covers and dress making association we offer a huge space of different associations to help Garments brands. We have a standard social event structure which is applied to most orders. Here you can discover answers to a touch of our for the most part never-ending introduced demands at any rate for any extra data if it’s not all that amount trouble, go ahead and associate with us.

How we work

For more information, Kindly visit our FAQs Page or Contact us.

Sampling & Pattern Making

Material & Fabric Sourcing

Cut \ Stitch \ Pack

Ship & Door Delivery

Fibres we generally work with


Cotton & Organic cotton, Bamboo, Linen, Viscose


Polyester, Polyamide, Nylon, Satin, Recycled polyester & polyamide

Designing we generally work with

We offer a huge scope of printing strategies, most ordinarily screen printing is usually used to move the huge plans to a garment and is appropriate for use in very basic plan. Utilizing a layered stencil framework through, which ink is squeezed, screen printing gives a remarkable completion. Current strategies like computerized, Sublimation printing are utilized to make results which are excessively perplexing for screen printing.

Printing: Water based, silicone emblazon, intelligent exchange, shade, high thickness, foil, sparkle, breaking ink, release, all over print, photograph print.

Embroidery is the term used to portray the technique for adorning textures with a needle and string. Embroidery is most generally utilized in brand things with a logo which is right away conspicuous to a shopper. Embroidery is a machine based interaction, where the logo is digitized in to a record which could be perceived by the machine before a needle and string consequently makes the plan. This implies there could be a few limits with regards to estimate and intricacy yet we will consistently exhort in the event that we have any worry about your logo.

We offer numerous sorts of embroidery for Hoodies, Kits and Jackets. You can check them underneath

Embossing is a famous customization strategy which is accomplished by applying surface medicines to the texture which make it seem as though it has been gotten thicker. Yet, in the always changing universe of style it is an exceptionally mainstream route for brands to make one of a kind things. Shirts are generally Embossed anyway a few brands additionally Emboss easygoing wear like Street wear Hoodies, Joggers, Jackets and others.


BHL Sports does uncommon Streetwear, sports clothing sewing types including flatlock, Union. I.e Stretchable garments needs probably the most stretch, we sew articles of clothing with stretch kind strings to expand prolongation execution.

Basic stitching Types:


Some of the Streetwear groups we make:

  • Tops, Jersey, T-shirts, Polo
  • Jackets, Hoodies
  • Jogger, stretch pant, running short

What we need from you

We need your own brand logo first to make your Garment.

Secondly, Your apparel design should be more clear to understand – How many panels, Sewing styles it needs to be made.

If you have a techpack of your desired clothing with all details: Fabric, size gradings, logo, printing or embroidery style etc, it will be superb.

You can also send us any hand made drawings on paper, that will also work.

After having the all information, According to the international market’s rule & regulations we need a advance payment to start your work.

It will be according to your requirements you can ask us more details by contacting with us by email or Whatsapp.

Need Help?

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Frequent Asked Questions

What is Minimum Order Quantity Available?

Our minimums generally start at 100 items per style.

Can I get samples or prototypes made? or Free Samples?

Yeah you can get samples. But We don’t offer free samples. Because mostly there are many complicated and expensive thing are held during the sampling process

How Long Does Production Take?

We take 30 days as per MOQ. More days depends on the quantity of the order.

Whats is your Payment methods?

You can pay us via Bank transfer, Western union, MoneyGram, Transfer wise, PayPal.

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