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What is Soft Shell Jacket?

A Soft Shell Jacket is a jacket delivered utilizing a woven material rather than the stiffer material of hard shell (or waterproof) jackets. Not in any way like customary jackets a softshell jacket doesn’t have a covering yet rather is made by holding two layers of surface together.


Soft Shell Jackets are utilized for stretchiness, warmth, and breathability during dynamic external experiences. They can be utilized as a getting mid layer when you’re layering for skiing or dressing for nippy, cold climate, and they’re a fabulous decision for standard wear in cool climate.


Soft Shell Jacket is remarkable for overwhelming activities where a significantly breathable, water-safe article of clothing can keep the wearer warm, dry and dynamic. The softshell material licenses sweat to scatter and keeps you dry, so sweat doesn’t impact your shine.

Soft Shell Jacket will keep you lovely in light downpour in any case it will not be reasonable for significant precipitation or in the hurricanes. It is considered as more water-ensured instead of waterproof, as it offers more confirmation than downy or some other material yet not however much a ski jacket and prohibits taped wrinkles.

Material Used:

Soft Shell Jackets are ordinarily made of weaved cotton (rather than woven material), typically a piqué sew, or less for the most part an interlock sew (the last used a large part of the time, anyway not just, with pima cotton polos), or using various fibers, for instance, silk, merino wool, designed strands, or blends of customary and fabricated fibers.

Softshells are generally delivered utilizing a blend of materials, for instance, polyester and nylon, which are woven together for robustness and comfort. These materials make up most external apparel and gear, and aren’t actually 100% waterproof, anyway are extraordinarily breathable, wear well against the skin, and continue to go a long time.


You can get your own arranged logos and printing styles.

You can get required material in best quality.

100% Quality Control.

Accessible in High Quality PK Polyester Fabric.

Two Color Composition To Match Your Team Color.

Least Order Quantity 100 Pcs.

Shading Scheme Available As Your Demand.

Club Badge, Initials or Squad Number Will Be Embroidered as Your demand.