Why we offer payment security to our clients ?

Because of our business nature, it is very important for us to provide our clients secure platforms for their payments so that they process their transactions without any hesitation.  Right Now we are dealing through four different types of Payment Platforms.  Our clients may choose the best option according  to their feasibility. 

Al Baraka Bank

1) Business Bank Account (Highly Recommended for payments more than US$500)

We are registered manufacturer and governing authorities allot us Business Bank Account for our Foreign transactions. Most of our business transactions are done through our Business Bank Account which we are keeping with the well reputed bank; Al Baraka Bank LTD. The main reason behind our recommendation is that this is the cheapest way to transfer amount of more than US$500. Because they only charge fix amount of US$25 – US$35, no matter how big the amount is.

Western Union

2) Western Union (Recommended for payment under US$500)

If the amount of payment is equal to or less than US$500, we recommend our customers to pay through Western Union. Because Western Union is feasible for small payments. MoneyGram can also be accepted for payments under US$500. Basically it depends on our client, which channel is feasible for him/her.

3) Payoneer (Recommended if you have Payoneer Account)

We are registered with payoneer as well. Payoneer is similar to paypal. As paypal is not operating in our country that’s why we are registered with Payoneer. The clients who are registered with payoneer can make their transaction secure through Payoneer. Because it is the Alternative of the Paypal.


Registered in Sialkot Chamber of Commerce

Verification Certificate

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