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BHL Sports is a standout amongst the best OEM Industry, Goalkeeper Gloves Manufacturer, ideal for advancement and plan your items. yet additionally for them who simply need begin another business with gainful and inventive merchandise. BHL Sports is one of the Pakistan’s driving Goalkeeper Gloves makers and different items, at the front line of idea plan, model advancement and full scale creation; delivering Products of the most elevated quality to little and medium estimated Brands brands.We have deliberately set assembling offices, which gives us the ability to almost certainly produce things at both low amounts and mass alike. Because of steady advancement, BHL Sports is pleased to offer industry driving least request amounts for the generation of custom merchandise.

What is Goalkeeper Gloves?

All players area unit permissible to wear gloves, and goalkeepers sometimes wear specialist goalkeeping gloves. before the Seventies, gloves were seldom worn, however it’s currently extraordinarily uncommon to envision a goalkeeper while not gloves. In Portugal’s match against European country within the monetary unit 2004 tournament, economist role player a lot of comment for deciding to get rid of his gloves throughout the penalty shoot-out. Since the Eighties important advancements are created within the style of gloves, that currently feature protectors to stop the fingers bending backwards, segmentation to permit larger flexibility, and palms fabricated from materials designed to safeguard the hand and to boost a player’s grip. Gloves area unit accessible during astyle of totally different cuts, together with “flat palm”, “roll finger” and “negative”, with variations within thehandicraft and work. Goalkeepers typically conjointly wear caps to stop glare from the sun or floodlights poignanttheir performance. Players with sight issues might wear glasses as long as there’s no risk of them worsening or breaking and thereby changing into dangerous. Most players affected value more highly to wear contact lenses, though Dutch player King of Great Britain Davids, unable to wear contact lenses thanks to eye disease, was glorious for his distinctive garment glasses. different things that will be dangerous to different players, like jewelry, however, aren’t allowed. Players can also value more highly to wear headgear to safeguard themselves from head injury as long because it presents no risk to the protection of the user or the other player.

How We Work

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Days For Samples
Minimum Order Quantity

What Materials and Styles

We Offer

Gloves Cuts

  1. Flat
  2. Negative Cut
  3. Roll- Finger Cut
  4. Negative-Roll Cut
  5. Surround Cut
  6. Hybrid Cut
  7. Gun Cut
  8. Box Cut
  9. Other

Backhand Materials

  1. EVA
  2. Lightweight
  3. Damboo / PK Latex
  4. PK Latex 3mm
  5. PK Latex 4mm
  6. China Latex
  7. German Latex 4mm
  8. Neoprene
  9. Sereno
  10.  Mesh

Backhand Embossing

  1. 2D Embossing
  2. 3D Embossing
  3. Simple Embossing

Backhand Printing

  1. Screen Printing
  2. Table Printing
  3. Silicon Printing (Not on Latex)
  4. Rubber Printing
  5. Sublimation Printing (Not on Latex)

Palm Materials

  1. EVA
  2. Lightweight
  3. Damboo
  4. China Latex
  5. Super Low Latex
  6. New Basic Latex
  7. Giga Latex
  8. Mega Latex
  9. Quartz Latex
  10. Super Soft Latex
  11. Wet & Dry Latex
  12. Contact / Professional Latex


  1. Damboo Strap
  2. 2mm Latex Strap
  3. 3mm Latex Strap
  4. Elastic Strap
  5. Rollover elastic Strap / Long Strap
  6. Rubber Strap

Underhand Fabrics

  1. Mesh
  2. Forway
  3. Wind stopper
  4. PU
  5. Lycra
  6. Diamond Mesh
  7. Breathable Mesh
  8. 3D Mesh
  9. Neoprene

Underhand Foam

  1. 2mm Foam
  2. 4mm Foam
  3. 8mm Foam
  4. Tempura Foam

Different Cut Styles

You can also call us for other Materials and Styles you want to make.

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Philipp Klewin
Philipp Klewin
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You haven’t been recommended to me where I have others who have but I am willing to give you a go because I like your professionalism and attitude so far...
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Lee Harper
Owner at HARPS Brand
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