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Generally productive and adaptable material plants on the planet. Lean creation, R&D.


Your designs security while production is our first priority.

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Clients opinion

“Gloves have been received thank you they look great.”


Brad Battersby


“I got back & I checked all the apparels and they are all on point. Thank you very much for delivering.”



“First impression good….”


Scott Michaels

FOUNDER, Stylo Matchmakers inc

” Great feedback. I would like to go the next step. I really need you.”

Philipp Klewin



“I’m very happy to tell you the shipment arrived today! They feel extremely comfortable and look brilliant.”


“The gloves are holding up really well and the quality is very impressive.”

Bobby Olejnik


GOALKEEPER, Mansfield Town F.C.
“I just wanted to say, the gloves are fantastic. I have received a lot of feedback on the quality of the latex and comfort of the feel of the glove. Thank you very much. I will be looking to order a next batch soon.”

Ben McFarlane


“You haven’t been recommended to me where I have others who have but I am willing to give you a go because I like your professionalism and attitude so far…”

Lee Harper



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Super Fish
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Everything begins with quality

BHL approach quality affirmation methods, expecting to recognize and forestall potential dangers on pre-creation stage. Our quality affirmation, arranging, sourcing and creation offices working in concordance centering into limiting expense of value and create on time shipment execution, hazard free and quality items to our clients.

Sampling & Pattern Making

Proofing your design before bulk manufacturing's one of the first and most important steps. We will cut Patterns and make a pre-production Sample for your approval. Our team of skilled sampling and pattern making specialists will make sure you are satisfied with the look and feel of the garment before any further steps are taken

Material & Fabric Sourcing

We take away the headache of sourcing materials for you. We provide sourcing services as part of your Product manufacturing project and can help source high-quality fabrics, made specially to your specifics. Have your own fabrics and Materials – Great! If not – we will help solve this for you.

Cut & Printing Process

Not many Manufacturers can offer this level of guidance when it comes to cost breakdown and explaining all the steps of production. We carefully clarify every aspect of manufacturing and work to build a long-lasting relationship. With BHL Sports you will never experience the costs or charges that you did not approve.

Sewing and Finishing lines

Focusing on amazing outcomes on item bunches including; legging, short, jogger, athletic apparel, vest, tank top, sweater, hoodie. We are capable of dynamic games type sewing which requires specialized skill. Carrying out new designing thoughts. Computerization of basic cycles guarantees top notch creation yield. By the by we continually teach our staff to boost their latent capacity and mindfulness. All endeavors to arrive at a totally maintainable creation framework.

Highest Quality Production

No compromise when it comes to price or quality as we deliver both. With Pakistan based factory we manufacture garments, Ball, Gloves, accessories to the highest standard. Our customers fall in love with the quality and our reviews speak for themselves. BHL Sports also guarantees you are working with a Supplier directly, not an agent

Delivery to your Doorstep

We can deliver your order right to you doorstep or any city or country in the world. All production and sampling deliveries come with a tracking number as we work with the most reliable curriers to ensure the lowest shipping costs.


Why Choose Us

Our minimum order quantities are the lowest in the industry. We also allow you to split sizing within our minimum order quantity, meaning you can start your brand with a larger range as opposed to a limited collection.

Utilizing our infrastructure we’re able to give extremely competitive pricing for low quantity custom clothing& Goods offering fantastic mark ups when retailing or distributing.

Specializing in manufacturing clothing, Gloves, Ball for startups and small to medium sized brands, we have a lot of experience in growing brands from just an idea, to a profitable reality.

Many clothing and other goods produced in factory is handmade and goes through quality control process throughout manufacturing, ensuring you always receive products you can trust will meet the high standards of both yourself and your customers.

Frequent Asked Questions

What is Minimum Order Quantity Available?

Our minimums generally start at 100 items per style.

Can I get samples or prototypes made? or Free Samples?

Yeah you can get samples. But We don’t offer free samples. Because mostly there are many complicated and expensive thing are held during the sampling process

How Long Does Production Take?

We take 30 days as per MOQ. More days depends on the quantity of the order.

Whats is your Payment methods?

You can pay us via Bank transfer, Western union, MoneyGram, Transfer wise, PayPal.